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Spindles, Scrap Wood & Old Craft Stash | DIY Fall Home Decor | Trash to Treasure

Spindles, Scrap Wood & Old Craft Stash | DIY Fall Home Decor | Trash to Treasure

Spindles, Scrap Wood & Old Craft Stash | DIY Fall Home Decor | Trash to Treasure

In my  creative coaching group, I regularly discuss the need to start fall decor, well in advance of the season, in order to have plenty on hand for the most profitable time of the year. This week I hope to provide inspiration for those of you who need to stock up on your fall stash, whether selling or just want your house to feel festive when the time comes.

Watch my DIY Craft YouTube video to see how to make each of these projects. 


DIY Home Decor: Scrap Fence Wood Pumpkin Lantern   

Last year we replaced our fence. Much to my husband's chagrin, I insisted on keeping all of the old fence wood. Slowly but surely, we've made a ton of projects, including new display walls for market. This week I've decided to try a new project that was inspired from Pinterest... Wooden Pumpkin Lanterns. 

scrap wood diy home decor for profit

I painted this, and most of my other projects in today's video with a custom mix of DIY Paint, that I call, "pumpkin spice". This is a blend of DIY paint in the colors Summer Crush (about 80-85%) and Layered Chocolate (15-20%). I feel like this is the perfect shade of vintage fall. 

Based on feedback, from the YouTube video, we expect these to be big sellers at our upcoming vintage market shows! I guess we'll be actually getting rid of a lot more of that scrap fence wood! 

Upcycled Angels made from Spindles & Vintage Lamp Sconces

This project feels like endless possibilities. It also reminds me of of long ago crafting days when my kids were small. Projects like this were always my favorites!  

upcycled vintage sconce diy home decor

Sue found these vintage sconces in a box of home decor, from a house cleanout, she did last year. Once again, I took to Pinterest to get ideas. I already knew there were great ideas for bells, cloches, and other similar projects for the clear sconces, but the amber ones were another story. In the end, I decided that spindle angels, with the sconce used as a skirt flare, made the most sense to me. 

diy spindle angel with vintage sconce upcycle

Since I had four of these, and four spindles exactly the same (from a broken chair), I decided to have a little fun and do each a little differently. As much as I love Halloween decor, fall decor always sells much better, so I made one witch and three fall angels. 

vintage sconce ideas diy home decor

 Textured Pumpkins with Raised Stencils

This flip was actually on m own personal stash. I made these wood & spindle home decor pieces a couple of years ago, showcasing how to do a drop shadow stencil. I've been looking at them for the past few months thinking they would be really cute pumpkins. Finally, I just had to paint them!

raised stencils with saltwash and diy paint for fall

During my time looking through fall home decor ideas on Pinterest, I noticed a lot of pumpkins made from tin tiles, or faux tin tiles. I didn't happen to have any of those on hand, so I did the next best thing. I added a raised stencil pattern, using SaltWash, Dixie Belle's Evergreen, and stencil designs from Finnabair

I then painted over the raised stencil with my custom pumpkin spice mixture. After letting it all dry, I sealed with DIY Paint's Crystal Clear Chandelier Liquid Patina to keep the distress process from muddying my orange by grinding in green. 

I am very happy with how these came out. I think I'll have to make a lot more of them before market season!

Trash to Treasure Thrift Flip of a Fall Pumpkin Pail

This "Pumpkin Pickin" replica jug was sitting on my thrift flip shelves and the gorgeousness of the pumpkin spice color finally gave me inspiration to give it a makeover. 

fall home decor diy project 

I've had this pail for a long time, and have tried to sell it the past couple of years, just as it was. I'm so glad that I decided to paint it pumpkin spice! After doing a simple 2 coats, I used a toothbrush to flick specks of Dixie Belle's Coffee Bean and Fusion Mineral Paint's Bayberry.  When everything was dry, I added 2 coats of DIY's Liquid Patina, a nice matte top coat, then when dry, used 220 grit sandpaper to give it a quick distress. 

diy fall home decor thrift flip trash to treasure

I absolutely love the change in look. This feels much more rich and luxurious. 

What do you think? Which of these makeovers was your favorite? 

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Donni Arntson - February 21, 2024

I love watching your YouTube videos. I get so inspired to create up a storm. Thank you for sharing all that creativity that comes to mind. I wish you and Sue could bring your çrafty ideas to Seattle.🥰

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