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Why Does It Glow? Understanding Uranium Glass. | Part 1

Why Does It Glow? Understanding Uranium Glass. | Part 1

Have you ever wondered why glass appears to glow under a blacklight? Let's dive into the science behind this fascinating phenomenon.

What is Blacklight?

Blacklight, also known as ultraviolet (UV) light, is a type of light that is invisible to the human eye. It emits electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength shorter than that of visible light.

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When you see us thrifting and checking things out with a blacklight, this is the one we use. It is a 365 Blacklight and seems to be the best for finding glowing glass in thrift stores. 

Fluorescent Properties of Glass

Glass contains certain minerals that have fluorescent properties. When exposed to UV light, these minerals absorb the light energy and re-emit it in the visible spectrum, causing the glass to glow.

Presence of Uranium

One common mineral found in glass that causes it to glow under blacklight is uranium. When uranium is present in the glass composition, it can emit a green or yellow fluorescence when exposed to UV light.

Watch as we rummage through the Salvation Army looking for glowing glass. 

Artificial Fluorescent Additives

In some cases, glass manufacturers add fluorescent compounds to the glass during production to achieve a desired glowing effect under blacklight. These additives can create vibrant colors and patterns when illuminated by UV light.

Applications of Fluorescent Glass

Fluorescent glass is often used in artistic creations, such as stained glass windows, decorative glassware, and neon signs. Its ability to glow under blacklight adds a unique and captivating element to these pieces.

Next time you see glass glowing under a blacklight, remember that it's not magic – it's science at work!

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