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Spring 2024 Color Trends | Adding new greenery & decor to your already decorated home.

Spring 2024 Color Trends | Adding new greenery & decor to your already decorated home.

It's 2024 and spring is bursting through the ground all around us. Any day now we'll start seeing the bright greens on trees, showcasing new growth. Nature may not care about color trends, but designers, and more importantly the human mindset, really does. New colors, varied textures, and simple new additions to your home decor, can really shift your thoughts to warmth and happiness, even if the outside isn't quite in sync yet. 

What do the experts think about 2024 Color Trends? 

Let's take a look at what some experts view as the dominating color trends for 2024? The first thing you'll likely notice is that the 1980's are back, big time. You might remember me saying this at AmericasMart last year. 

With that in mind, let's take a look at some of the colors represented by top paint color specialists. 

Pantone color of the year 2024: Peach Fuzz

peach fuzz pantone color of the year

Pretty in Pink? NO! This year is going to be just PEACHY! Don't worry. You don't have to go full on Miami Vice. You can add simple elements into your home decor to capture the moment and feel uber stylish, even on a small budget. 

Remember, the colors are each meant as inspiration and don't have to be completely literally interpreted. 


Our Pebble & Berries greenery in the color Posy is the perfect accent piece for this year's color choices! 

If you want something a little more bold, or muted, you could always add some of our decor papers, transfers, or DIY Paint colors lead your Peach Fuzz inspiration. 

cerulean blooms peach pantone color of the yearredesign with prima and iod transfers

Both of the Cerulean Blue Transfers, including the full size 24" x 35"  & Maxi 12" x 12" transfers, by Redesign with Prima, have beautiful peachy floral accents.  

Dulux Paint forecasts lavender leaning Sweet Embrace is a Color Trend of 2024

Lavender and Peach are lovely combinations, in almost any space. Just like Pantone's announcement in color trend for 2024, Dulux's call, for Sweet Embrace, reminds us of the soft tones and bold statements of the 1980's. 

Sweet Embrace soft lavender color of the year 2024
design trends in 2024

Dusty soft lavender is featured in our Autumn Haze candle ring, bringing you the color of the season, no matter which season! 

If you love this dusty neutral purple, you may also love our new Dream Weaver 21" Wreath, with bursts of green and brighter spring lavender. 

Check out our other seasonal and all-season greenery, florals, and faux plants

Just as with the Peach Fuzz, you can also create amazing artistic changes using our DIY home decor products. 

peach, lavender, and soft blues colors of the year 2024

As you call tell, the decoupage paper, Floral Dream, is absolutely perfect for both of the discussed 2024 Color Trends of the Year. 

French Millinery or Petticoat Pink, might be great corresponding colors to accent this paper as well. 

Valspar rejects neutrals and goes bold in 2024 with Renew Blue

Is this beach beauty a color of the past, or the future? Who can really tell, and why does it matter? Today, Cottagecore and other vintage styles of home decor love bridging the past and future, creating an eclectic, curated look. 

valspar color of the year 2024 Renew Blue

I'm sure you can already tell that the Floral Dream paper, that I just listed is a great way to use this color in your decor. But let's not overlook these beauties. 

victorian floral transfer 2024

Chambre de la Reine is a beautiful Victorian inspired Maxi Transfer that will give all the vintage vibes, especially when combined with Valspar's color predictions. 

Floral Bouquet decoupage paperBold Blooms A1 decoupage paper is a stunning bouquet with that chippy drippy look that we have been seeing a lot lately. It's a hand painted and washed trend. 
No doubt that you've already noticed that this bolder look still combines quite nicely with Pantone's Peach Fuzz. This allows you to choose bold and beautiful, or soft and neutral. Which do you prefer? 
Fusion Mineral Paint, in the color Azure, might be just what you need to keep the bold vibe of this print. 

Benjamin Moore predicts Blue Nova, in 2024, a color balance between cool & warm

2024 color trend of the year by Benjamin Moore Blue Nova

Finally, it feels like we've come full circle. The Cerulean Blue Collection of decoupage papers and transfers we mentioned in the first color trend inspiration, blends perfectly here, again.

Adding to the inspiration let's look at some additional choices from Redesign with Prima's Spring 2024 release.

Color trends in 2024 in decoupage papers

Whether you want to be soft (Cerulean Blue Decoupage Paper) or BOLD (Enchanted Garden Decoupage Paper), we've got the perfect selection of decoupage papers, transfers, furniture paint, and any other DIY supply you could possibly need! 

Paint brands set the trends for 2024, what will you make with it? 

While large paint manufacturers may seem to set color trends that seem outlandish at first, you can see how they are able to be positive influences into your home decor. Are there any of these color trends that you imagine adding to your dwelling this year? 

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