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With Love, Skully by CECE Restyled | Full Size 24 x 35 | Furniture Transfer by Redesign with Prima


With Love, Skully by CECE Restyled | Full Size Transfer | Redesign with Prima

Only CeCe can flawlessly combine lace and skulls to create a truly unique furniture transfer! Pairing the soft and visually lush floral bunches with organic butterflies, golden touches, and wondrous elements that hint of life well traveled: crowns, chandeliers, butterflies, flowers, and more.

Easily transform your project into a professional-looking work-of-art. No water needed; no prepping needed.

Use it on any smooth surface, dressers, mirrors, cabinets, doors, or canvas and fabric. The possibilities are limitless.


  • Designer: CeCe Restyled
  • Printed in color on a clear acetate film
  • Total design = 24 x 35 inches
  • Pre-cut into 2 sheets