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Van Gogh Go Makers Powder


30 Grams, some containers will not be full as they are sold by weight. 

And what do I do with these you ask,

  • Mix in resin to color your resin mould pieces.

  • Use like the decrepit dust (put down clear wax and wipe off the excess to to pop details).

  • Mix into DIY Paint to make new intense pastel colors or intensify existing color.

  • As a water color add to stamped projects.

  • Sprinkle on a surface spray with water and seal.

  • Mix with DIY Liquid Patina for a tinted glaze or medium.

  • Mix with DIY Big Top for a tinted glaze or sealer.

  • Mix with DIY Clear Wax and use as a tinted wax.

  • And what ever other clever ideas you can come up with!