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MilkMix-EZ™ Anti-Foaming Agent


MilkMix-EZ™ - Anti-Foaming Agent Information

100% Natural | Food Safe | Eco-Friendly | Non-Toxic | No VOCs

Anti-Foaming Agent is a food-grade additive used to reduce foam and improve the smoothness of your paint. It can be used when necessary to control the foaming when mixing MilkPaint™.

How to Use MMS MilkMi-EZ™ Anti-Foaming Agent

- Mix MilkPaint™ powder with water (follow instructions on bag).

- After mixing, add 2-4 drops of MilkMix-EZ™ per 16 oz / 473.20 ml of mixed paint.

- Stir into solution and the bubbles dissipate

*When used at the recommended amounts, it will not negatively affect paint adhesion.

MilkMix-EZ™ Anti-Foaming Agent Ingredients:

- Food-safe ingredients