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Home Staging Pricing & Packages

How much does home staging really cost?

One of the most important things to remember when choosing a home staging product, service, or company is that PRICE should never be the deciding factor. You may think you can save some money by choosing a lower cost option, but that may not be the BEST option for your situation. At Vintage Bee Design Co., we will always recommend the BEST package for your situation, and understand that each home and situation is unique. 

Learn more about how home staging works. 

Vignette Staging 

This is by far the most minimal price tag. Vignette staging includes accessories and artwork only for the kitchen, master bath, and main guest bath.

With photography: $495, without photography $395.

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Vacant Home Staging Basic Package

If you are on a tight budget, but understand that staging the key rooms of your property will greatly benefit your final sales price, as well as time on the market, partial staging might be your answer. Choose the package that fits your property, needs, and budget. Each package is month-to-month, with a one month minimum. Partial packages start as low as $295/mo. 

View Partial Package Options. 

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Vacant Home Staging Standard Package

This is our signature staging and includes ALL INTERIOR SPACES. The contract is month to month.  This package also includes our amazing professional quality photographs.

Cost: .003% of list price per month (plus tax) + 1 time staging fee (see breakdown below), and 1 time moving  fee of $195.

Ex: List price: $250,000 = $750/mo rental (plus tax) + $595 staging fee + $195 delivery fee. Initial payment = $1540; $750/month for any additional months.

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Vacant Home Staging Preferred Package

The most beneficial package is our standard 3-month service agreement. The staging includes ALL INTERIOR SPACES. This package also includes our amazing professional quality photographs. Payment is net 90 days.

If you are short on cash, but want to reap the rewards of staging, this is the package for you. A 20% discount is given if payments are made within 10 days of staging.

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Because this is a service plan, not a furniture rental agreement, tax is not charged. In this plan, we become marketing partners to you and your Realtor.

We will do a live video tour of the property and add to our YouTube Channel and social media outlets, after the property is listed. A list of these properties will also go out to over 4000 local Realtors, in our monthly newsletter.

Home staging is about creating a measurable, marketable impact on the perceived value of the property. That's why we focus on marketing skills.

Cost: This is an all-inclusive one-time fee of 1.5% of list price. A 20% discount is given if payments are made within 10 days of staging. Additional months are at 25% of the initial price.

Ex: List price: $250,000 = $3750 due in 90 days (which is usually at the closing table), or $3000 if paid within 10 days of staging.

Aside from being able to defer payment for 90 days, which is often at closing for most of our customers, this package allows you to keep the home staged all the way through escrow, without the charge of additional months (up to 90 days). If for any reason, you need to extend beyond 90 days, the monthly rates are 25% of the initial price, in our example, that’s $937.50/month.

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View our contract.   

Which home staging option is right for you?

The Vintage Bee Design Co. believes that full-home staging is the best option for almost every homeowner that has an empty property to be sold. Our President, Melissa Marro, has been staging for over 16 years and through study of the market and statistics has found out that fully homes sell approximately 28% faster than partially staged homes, where only the key rooms are staged. 

Rate summary:

  • One-time delivery/pick up fee of $195
  • One-time staging fee based on the square footage of the home:
    • Homes under 2,500 sqft: $595
    • Homes 2,500 sqft to under 4,000 sqft: $795
    • Homes 4,000 sqft and above: $995
  • All of our Vacant Home Staging Packages includes professional photography, in both high resolution and websize images.
  • Staging is almost always less than the cost of the first price reduction and can shave as much as 50% of time on market, while increasing net offers by 3-5%.

Occupied Staging Services

All of our occupied staging services begin with a home staging consultation. We visit the property and complete a room-by-room checklist of all recommended changes that will help the home sell faster and for more money. This is not about personal taste, this is about marketability.

Cost of Consultations: 

  • Homes under 2500 sqft = $225
  • Homes 2500 sqft to under 4000 sqft = $295
  • Homes 4000 sqft and above = $350

After the consultation, we can provide a quote with any work necessary, including hands-on staging. Hands-on Staging services are sold by either the half day ($595) or full day ($995).

Vintage Bee Design Co is owned by Melissa Marro, the owner of Rave Home Staging.  Staging services will be provided through RHS.