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Become an Affiliate Marketing Partner!

Are you interested in making some extra money on the side? Become an affiliate marketing partner with Vintage Bee Design Co. When you direct your customers, friends, or family, to our store, using your personalized affiliate link, you can earn extra money! 

How your small business can earn extra revenue easily

Maybe you own your own brick and mortar or online store. Perhaps you are a content creator and don't want to invest in carrying inventory of your favorite DIY supplies and home decor. You can still earn money by becoming an affiliate with Vintage Bee Design. 

Sign up as an affiliate now! 


Ways that you can market our products to make money

I strongly recommend watching the video above to get ideas on how to make money with affiliate marketing. 

  • Use your favorite products on your videos, blogs, and social media. Add your affiliate link to the post and tell your customers, friends, and family to go pick up the products using that link. 
  • When you are in groups and you see someone requesting where to find a product that we sell, drop your affiliate link, and let them know we carry that product. 
  • Private message your favorite content creator, when you see them ordering from big box stores like Amazon or, and let them know that they can get the products from our site, supporting small business instead of corporate profits. Give them your coupon code for 10% off. Don't have a coupon code yet? Email us to get one! (You must be an affiliate to get a coupon code.)