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Why would a home stager open a retail store?

Why would a home stager open a retail store?

The Rave Home Collection features Rave Home Staging's new retail store, design center, and DIY classroom

Home stagers know what styles are on trend in your area and how to put together the best look for your home.

Melissa Marro has been in the home staging industry for nearly two decades. She's successfully built two staging companies from the ground up, one of which, Rave Home Staging, now grosses over a million dollars annually. She was a keynote speaker at 2019's International Association of Home Staging Professionals (IAHSP) conference and is an internationally-renowned speaker at events across the country. So, why would she open a retail store?

The Rave Home Collection actually isn't Melissa's first retail venture; she's sold vintage finds and crafting supplies through two other Jacksonville companies: Linen & Rust Home Furnishings and Squirrel & the Bee. As busy as Melissa stays running such a large home staging operation, crafting and finding unique pieces to refurbish and repaint has always been her passion. Now that her staging company has grown so large, she finally has the resources to make a brick-and-mortar retail store thrive.

So, what can you expect from the Rave Home Collection after our soft opening this Valentine's Day?

Unique and rare pieces you won't find in chain stores

You may see a Prohibition-Era medicine cabinet that we turned into a display case. Or an out-of-date headboard that's been fashioned into a hall tree. Our store will feature many unique creations you won't find anywhere else. We also offer a wide variety of styles among our items on consignment and from our wholesalers.

DIY and crafting classes

Have you ever wanted to etch your own custom glassware? Or learn how to screen print? Now is the time! Our retail store features a dedicated classroom space for our regular DIY classes.

Customized interior design services

We suspect that many of our initial customers heard about Rave Home Collection after using our staging services. As a home stager, Melissa constantly got requests for interior design work, which she always had to turn down. Now that our new location has its own design center, we can bring the same popular designs in our staged homes to your own house.

Resources and discounts for our preferred designers, military, and vendors

If you're an interior designer who is not part of our design center, but you're still interested in using our unique furniture items and accessories in your work, we have a deal for you! By signing up as a Preferred Designer, you can get 20% off of your orders. We also offer a 10% discount for military and a 20% paint and painting supplies discount for our vendors.

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